Here is where I’m supposed to tell you all about me. Give you some fun details, maybe qualify myself: give you info on why I should write a blog about “x” or “z,” maybe why I am an expert in said topic(s) and why you should spend your time listening to my rambles. This will be accompanied of course by a perfectly imperfect professional photograph where my outfit is selected straight out of a Pintrest search for “best fall fashion” or whatever season it happens to be. This photo will also match all photos you will see on my blog because I’ve clearly done my homework and discovered that if you want people to follow you on any platform, your brand must be consistent. The reader must know what to expect.

Well, instead of this dear friend, let me just say this:

to learn more about me, or more about anything for that matter, you’ll just have to spend some time. I hope you will keep reading. You may catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a twin mom in her late thirties, a woman in today’s world, a woman who has struggled with her faith, who has wrestled with God, a woman who has mourned and loved, won and lost.

See this picture? This was not professionally done, I am wearing the bare minimum of make-up and my hair is dirty. This picture was taken by my mother on my IPhone the morning we left our life in Madison, Wisconsin to venture south to Eastern Tennessee. I chose this picture to represent “about me” because to me it captures a leap in time; one of those faith-leap moments; one of those what-the-heck-are-we-doing moments when the only way things are going to work out is if God comes thru and we get out of the way.

I hope you read on and find, in some roundabout way, something to connect to.